So What’s Your Story?

What /is/ our story? How did we get started on this journey? To be honest, we just kinda tripped over it and noticed it, ‘it’ being the fact that we all had some gifts and talents and we weren’t really using them for anything other than self-satisfaction.

John served 20 years in the US Air Force and retired in 2008. He always lamented the fact that he had ‘no talent’. However, he has always been interested in photography and ever since he bought his first 35mm film camera back in 2006, he hasn’t looked back. His photography has come a long way and seeing the joy he takes in his art is quite inspiring and refreshing. I’m pretty sure there are not many people who would say he has no talent now. His line of digital photographic art prints is called “J.D. Kittles Photography.”

I (Melody) have been making chainmail jewelry since we discovered the SCA in 2006. I made chainmail jewelry exclusively for a few years but I really do love making anything with my hands, barring sculpture and pottery. I do love pottery but it does not love me. I don’t get the mechanics of it, I guess. Now I make anything from chainmail jewelry to hemp jewelry to 3R jewelry (reduce/reuse/recycle). I also do a bit of sewing, fine art and textile art. My products are listed under the “Unchained Emporium” line.

While we were living in Texas, we discovered that our son, who shall be named Nojo on this blog, really has some extraordinary gifts and talents. He sat down at a potters wheel and gave it a go, taking his work very seriously and impressing the manager of the shop. You never know what your kids will be good at until you give them the opportunities to try. He also sat down with a harp, one which has the flip keys to adjust for sharps and flats, and played a bit of Beethoven’s ‘Fur Elise’, having never before played a harp. We discovered that he’s pretty good with stringed instruments. He has a love of manual labor that is pretty quirky but makes me feel confident that he will never lack for a job or for bosses that appreciate him. He’s interested in welding and got a kit last Christmas. His contributions to our business will be metal art for the home and garden. Hopefully we’ll be able to post a few photos of his work soon! His line is called “Mojo Metalworx.”

“Starshine” is the line of products created by our oldest daughter, who shall be called thus on this blog. She’s our fashion diva and has a very good eye for color and design, though she’s still working on developing it. She’s interested in fabric and art and considering the possibility of a career in fashion design when she grows up. Her line of products consists mostly of art (watercolor, acrylic, paper art, mixed media), but also includes some jewelry and textile arts.

“Magic Bananas” is the line of products created by our youngest daughter, who shall be named “Magiba” on this blog. She’s still learning about what she likes and where her talents truly lie. She enjoys a wide variety of arts and crafts, such as paper art, acrylic art, jewelry making, and 3R arts and crafts. To date, she has created paperclip bookmarks, paper art and jewelry items. Today’s photo is one of her creations.

So now you know the ‘Who’ and the ‘What’. Perhaps you’d like to know the ‘Why’ as well. Tomorrow’s post will be about that. Kittles Family Artworks wishes you all a great day full of joy and peace!Image


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