Country Life and Star Trails

I love that we live in a rural area now. I used to hate it as a kid. I always longed to live the life of the typical child in the books I read, going to the neighbor’s house or walking down the street to visit with my friends. Never happened living in the country like we did. In retrospect, I was probably quite blessed not to have been able to do those kinds of things. With the amount of child abuse and misconduct that goes on, you just can never be to careful about your kids, where they go and who they are with. I’m happy that we were able to spend several years living life as city-folk, though. There were many fabulous opportunities and activities available for my kids to participate in. It was great to be able to experience new things. They were able to make lots of friends. We were all able to have a pretty happy social life. So I’m thankful for those years. I do love rural life, though. It begs you to take it easy and really stop and really smell the roses. It makes you appreciate things you wouldn’t think twice about in the city. I like the quietness and the sounds. I love that you can see many stars at night.

And with that in mind, I’ll share one of John’s star trail photos. This is one of his first star trail photos. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, a star trail is a photograph of the path the stars take through the heavens, captured by setting your camera in one place and either leaving the shutter open for a long period of time or taking a great many shots over a long period of time and then overlapping them to create one photo. Here is the star trail photo from J.D. Kittles Photography.

Star Trail

Star Trail


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