Fabulous Friday 9

Today’s Fabulous Friday post is brought to you by Starshine. I hope you enjoy it!

Hello and welcome to another Fabulous Friday. The first website I would like to recommend is TheDiamondMinecart By Dan. Dan has helped me by showing me what to do with mods on Minecraft.

Now I would like to introduce you to Cowboy Bebop [an anime series our family enjoys]. The best episodes are the ones with Edward. Edward is a twelve year old  hacker from Earth. (Edward is a girl. Just because her name is Edward does not mean that she is a boy.)

“Hotdog bun not to young” “Oldie moldy history mystery” These quotes are said by Edward.

“It’s the first “sandbox game” that actually lets you dig up sand at the beach, build a giant sandbox, build a sandcastle in it, smelt the sand into glass with a furnace you built yourself, rebuild it into a giant glass pyramid with a moat of lava, and then blow it all up with TNT while riding a pig.”VG Chartz

The song for today is by Taylor Swift “We Are Never Getting Back Together”. It’s one of the better ones, in my opinion.


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