Fabulous Friday 11

It’s officially my turn again and I was wondering what in the world I’d promo this time. One item swatted the back of my head this week. I should’ve remembered since it was such a big part of my childhood…a real major event! Our recommendation for this week is The International Rice Festival. Click here to visit the official website and here to check them out on facebook. Some of my fondest memories are of times spent at the festivals. We only really went to two of them when I was growing up but Louisiana has a festival for everything and every town of any size is the “Home of ______” (fill in the blank with something “Louisiana”). The Rice Festival takes place every October in Crowley, LA and offers a wide variety of activities. This year, the officials have planned some very exciting things for festival goers. Live concerts, contests with nice prizes, art/artisan booths, festival foods like BBQ burgers and funnel cakes, and festival rides all make the experience quite fun. Today, the children’s parade marched down the main street. We got to watch one of our “grafted in” sons march in his high school marching band and play his drum. Tomorrow is the main parade. The larger, grander floats will glide down main street carrying the Rice Festival Queen and I hear that Southern University’s marching band will be joining in the festivities tomorrow, as well! Good stuff! If you’re ever visiting our area in the month of October, stop into Crowley to check out the Rice Festival. I’m convinced you’ll have fun!

I know I usually promote 3 people, places or things but this week has been quite harrowing. I’m cutting back a bit. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…or Melody an irritated human. That’s no fun at all!

“Candy is childhood, the best and bright[est] moments you wish could have lasted forever.” ~ Dylan Lauren

“Rice is great if you’re really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something.” ~ Mitch Hedberg (I really love Mitch Hedberg’s stuff. He was one funny guy!)

Neil McCoy is performing tonight and if you like country music, I highly recommend you go. It doesn’t cost to get into the festival. But I just really couldn’t bring myself to post one of his songs. I’m really not a country music fan. So instead, I’m posting something from Southern University. Who doesn’t like a good half-time show?


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