No Place Quite Like Home

We drove all day today. We were on the road before the sun came up and didn’t arrive at our house until after the sun set. It was a good drive, though, and it’s even better that we are home safe and sound. We had a lovely holiday. Work begins again tomorrow but I believe we are all well-rested and energized for what we’ll need to do. In honor of being home again, I’d like to share this old song. It’s not the kind of music most folks are used to these days but the words are really nice. I’ll share those, too. Click on the lyrics to find out more information about the song, including the person who wrote the lyrics, where they came from, and who composed the music. Tomorrow will be a planning day for me but I hope to get the Fabulous Friday post out before the day is through. I’m excited when I think about what we’ll accomplish in the year 2014 at Kittles Family Artworks and I hope you’ll enjoy reading more about our journey.

“Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home;
A charm from the skies seems to hallow us there,
Which seek thro’ the world, is ne’er met elsewhere.
Home! Home!
Sweet, sweet home!
There’s no place like home
There’s no place like home!”


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