I’m Always Expanding My Knowledge

I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to do things, use everyday items, become a better human, etc. Expanding on my knowledge and wisdom is one key to staying young and refreshed. Making better choices in my regular diet and getting enough exercise and sleep help, as well, of course.

As I look at my completed costume, I wonder how I can embellish it even more without overdoing it. I’m not a super-fancy person, even when I do ‘dress up’. There’s really a fine line between just enough and completely over the top. Especially for someone like me who likes really odd color/pattern schemes and a certain style, one has to be really careful. Think about Tim Burton’s art and style, Alice In Wonderland, steampunk, the Victorian era, Brian Froud’s art, Venetian masquerade balls, and vintage circus and you’ll come pretty close to the sorts of colors and designs I really like. I’m pretty good at taking an existing design and making it into something that is truly unique (if I do say so myself), but I’m not as good at coming up with my own designs. I’d like to improve on that and expand my creativity as I expand my knowledge and wisdom.

I wish to refer back to my reference concerning my dress being a “costume”. I would like to expound on that for just a moment. Isn’t a ball, no matter which kind, a sort of pagentry? People donning their absolute best, preparing their outward appearances very carefully to look their most beautiful? As such, I wish to maintain my current belief that I am correct in calling my formal attire by the term ‘costume’. This makes it easier for my brain to be creative when putting it all together. If there’s one thing, besides liars, that I absolutely cannot abide, it’s being a cookie cutter representation of what someone /else/ thinks should be the norm. I think there must be some determination to be fearless when walking into a formal venue, as well. For me, donning a costume gives me a little boost of courage. When I have confidence in my work, I have more confidence in myself. I wonder if any of you have thought or felt this same thing.

Back to work I go. I will post photos of the completed costume in Monday’s blog post. Thanks for reading!

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.”  ~Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland


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