Preparations Anew

Once again, we’re preparing for another arctic blast. The temps are dropping as I type. So after working most of today, since I’ll miss my other work days this week, there will be an intensive preparation going on at our house. I actually started a bean stew in my crockpot last night. I thought we’d eat it for tonight’s supper and then I thought better of it. I thought we might just save that for tomorrow. No one is going to feel like cooking on such a cold day as tomorrow is supposed to be. When the cornbread that’s now baking in the oven is done, we’ll bake a couple of batches of drop biscuits. I’m thinking a batch of cinnamon-banana-oat biscuits will be nice. I’m also thinking I might try to make some spiced orange and cranberry biscuits. When I am able to transfer the beans to the refrigerator, I may start another pot of a soup or something like that in the crock pot. I don’t like the idea of not being able to cook a meal if the power goes out. Since this blast is supposed to be worse than the one we experienced last week, I’m preparing for a power outage, just in case one occurs.

On the topic of jewelry, I have to complete the set I was creating for the local theater awards that are coming up next month. I posted a photo of the earrings a few months ago. I want to try my hand at creating a collar-style necklace with some of the weave patterns created for making sheets of chainmail. Even if the power doesn’t go out, I’m hoping to start working on my necklace by this weekend. I ordered some special beads and a pendant to add to it. I can’t wait until the supplies come in!

Please stay warm and safe this winter! We’ll try to do the same!

One kind word can warm three winter months.” ~Japanese Proverb


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