Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator Speech 1940

I was blown away after listening to this speech. I know it’s for a movie but the sentiment, I believe, is pretty real. It’s a real pity that it seems we’ve moved farther away from this ideal rather than towards it. I hope you’ll enjoy this and also check out the blog, Kenny’s Mod Review, especially if you enjoy farming simulator PC Games.

Kenny's Mod Review

Good morning peeps. As some of you may know I like to listen to  music, anything from dub-step to classical, Thrift shop to the old southern baptist hymns, if I enjoy the sound I listen to it. You may be wondering why I am telling you this, well this is how I found Charlie Chaplin. I was listening to some dub-step videos on YouTube and came across one that had part of a speech in it. At the time I just really liked the song. So, I was looking through YouTube yesterday and found another video with the same speech in it so I went looking through the comments to see if anyone knew where the speech had come from. Bingo, there were a couple of people who said “the greatest speech in the world by Charlie Chaplin”. I put those words into the search box and came up with…

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