Decorating A Few Masks

I’ve been very busy today! I’m now up to 15 inches on the Byzantine chain. Woot! And I’ve been working on some Mardi Gras masks. Our local theater group has an awards ceremony each year. The theme for this year’s ceremony is Mardi Gras. Isn’t it nifty that the shop where I work specializes in Mardi Gras costumes? As a matter of fact, our shop just started making fabric masks. We had some fun creating the designs I wanted for the masks our family will wear for the award ceremony. The embroidery department made the bases for me and I’ll be appliqueing and beading and otherwise bedecking them for quite some time. I started by having the kids design their own masks on paper.

Magiba wanted a butterfly themed mask. Her design was very abstract and interesting. Since her dress is fuschia and topped with feather trim, I will add some white feathers to her mask. We bought one of the silver sequin masks which was already made. (There are still more masks available. You can click on the link at the bottom of the page if you want more information on those.) It’s a pretty fancy design, decorated with pink swirl embroidery, and works well with her butterfly idea. To make her idea come to life, I’ll add the feathers and some pink sequin fabric to the base.

Starshine’s design was more geometric and reminded me of Picasso and Venetian masquerade costumes. Her color theme is black and white, with very few frills. Her extras will consist of some interesting black chain I found in the fabric department, some black/silver glass beads, and a small black and white boa.

Nojo wanted a mask that had some height to it. We designed his together. It also reminds me of a Venetian masquerade mask, as it has two horns. To match his fabulous coat, we’ll turn those into waves. His mask is black brocade with black embroidery. I’m going to add some teal taffeta to create the waves, as well as a few teardrop beads.

John doesn’t really like flashy things so his design is black sequin fabric with black embroidery on the same base as Nojo’s.

My mask base has a swirl on the top right and the bottom left. I used the same blue batik fabric which formed the bodice of my dress. I’ll decorate mine with black net and some of the same trim I used on my dress.  I might add a bead or two, or a bit of chain that John or I made several years ago. Yes, John actually has made some wonderful chainmail. He tried some of the weaves I wasn’t willing to tackle back when I first started. He did beautiful work!

I’ll share a photo I took of Starshine’s mask base. And I’ll send out a plug for the shop, too. If you need nifty Mardi Gras costume, you should definitely give Sew What Embroidery and Screen Printing a try. All their contact information can be found on their facebook page.

Starshine's mask with the black pieces pinned in place

Starshine’s mask with the black pieces pinned in place and before the excess fabric is cut away

Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?”  ~Fanny Brice


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