A Journey Through Byzantium

It’s really fun when work and school cross-over into each other. I completed a Byzantine chain on Saturday. You can see it in the picture below. It’s a fairly easy weave but it was the first time I’d used it. There were 18 rings per inch, if I figured correctly, and I used 1/8″ 20 gauge rings. The finished length is 27″. It’s so funny when you finish a project and think of how many rings went into its creation. If I knew the number in advance, I’d probably baulk. Even though this was a simple weave, 486 tiny, stainless steel rings is nothing to scoff at! I really enjoyed making it, though. I created the chain using the pattern I got from The Ring Lord.

Now, you’re probably asking how this crossed over into our school work. We’ve been studying the Middle Ages this year. We recently started our study on the Crusades and this does bring up the subject of Byzantium. If you’d like to have a jumping off point for more study, click here for some information.

Stainless Steel, 27" Byzantine Chain

Stainless Steel, 27″ Byzantine Chain

Instead of a quote, I would like to share this Byzantine chant video I found on YouTube. I hope you will enjoy it.



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