The Best Laid Plans

Well, what an interesting holiday this has been! We lost our internet service for most of the day yesterday so I was unable to post to the blog. I do have the app on my phone but the service was too sketchy and the post wouldn’t go through. I’ll take that as a hint that I need not worry about it.

In spite of the terrible weather, there were a few folks who partied on through Mardi Gras. My family stayed home for most of the day, only venturing out to visit the cafe before the worst of the weather came through, and then one more time, after the worst of it had passed, to get a bite to eat and see if we could get some internet access. The reason we ventured out for supper was this. After lunch, we lost power for a few hours. Soup is awesome. Cold soup is awesome in summer, or so I’ve heard. But cold soup did not sound very appetizing on such a cold day. I took a few photos yesterday but couldn’t post them. Everything had a beautiful, shiny coat of ice over it. The most beautiful were the evergreens and bare branches. I’m glad it’s over and that our temps are supposed to be warmer this weekend. I had hoped to share the photos with you but that’s not happening today. My phone is working against me.

For now, I’m just taking a break. The time from January through yesterday was so spent so hectically that I am just reveling in the ability to not do much at all. It was fun while it lasted and I’m just as glad for the breather. We are continuing with school so my ‘breather’ is less relaxing that what I was hoping for. We’re studying da Vinci this week. It’s been very interesting so far! His precise drawings are truly amazing to me, from an artistic standpoint. I also find it amazing that he was able to work in some pretty complex areas of thought and become a fair master of them. Just think of what we could accomplish if we put just an ounce of that effort into our daily lives. What an interesting thought, eh?

God sells us all things at the price of labor.”  ~Leonardo da Vinci


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