What Limits?

How do you know when enough is enough? How do you know when you’ve found your ultimate limit? I know everyone is different. In my case, I usually find myself overwhelmed by tidal waves of ‘Things To Do’ and ‘Things I Want To Do’ and ‘Things That Really Should Be Done’. How do you balance it all?

Well, there are times when you find you must sacrifice something not quite so necessary for something that truly is worth that sacrifice. Writing for this blog doesn’t take up a whole lot of time, generally speaking. But sometimes I find myself sitting in front of my computer with absolutely nothing to say. I want to be able to post here when I have something I think is truly worth the readers’ time.

Therefore, I wish to announce that we will be most often posting on weekends, carrying on the Fabulous Friday, Quoteful Saturday and Days of Rest postings. I really enjoy being able to share wonderful products and stores and people with you. And from time to time, when something really awesome happens, or when I discover something new, I’ll share it here. It just won’t be an every day thing from this point on.

Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it.”  ~L.M. Montgomery


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