Art And Angels

I don’t know about other areas, but one of the trendy things to do around here is “Painting With A Twist.” Our son was treated to one of these painting lessons in a studio that is doing a series of Dr. Who inspired artworks. He really enjoyed it! I find it somewhat quirky that we now have a weeping angel artwork hanging in our home but I think he did a fairly decent job. I took a picture and edited it to look creepy…because a weeping angel just isn’t creepy enough, right?

Our son with his artwork

Our son with his artwork…My sister, who brought him to the art lesson, was impressed that he freehanded the hands. Should I try saying that last bit five times, quickly? Also, I have to say he’s come quite a long way. Painting isn’t something he particularly enjoys. But looking at the painting here, I can tell he really enjoyed himself.

In other news, the sewing and decorating of Steampunk costumes continues, so I’m signing off for today. Stay tuned for further updates.

β€œAs we learn about each other, so we learn about ourselves.” – First Doctor Who William Hartnell


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