Heights of Excitement and Pits of Despair

Have you ever encountered this? You plan a project. You get all the items you’ll need to complete the project. Then you read the directions and find out you have to do steps one through ten THREE times. Yes, I wrote that correctly. I’ll have to cut the pattern pieces for John’s simply smashing jacket *three* times. I was muddling my way through it with less than sharp scissors yesterday. (Cue “Pit of Despair” music.) I bought a new pair of scissors at my workplace and I’m going to finish the first cutting tomorrow. While I was at it, I purchased the trim and buttons for the jacket, as well. Here’s a snapshot of what will eventually become John’s jacket. (And now we return to the ‘Heights of Excitement’.)

John's sued cloth fabric, gold trim and buttons.

John’s sued cloth fabric, gold trim and buttons. (Sorry for the poor photo quality. It didn’t look this blurry on my phone.)

I was on my feet all day today so I’ll be sewing Magiba’s dress for the rest of today. We chose Simplicity pattern 2843 option C for her, minus the larger ruffles. Since her inspiration was Sophie from “Howl’s Moving Castle”, the ruffles were out, according to her. Her dress will be a different color and a little more geared to her group. I’m adding the ‘gauntlets’ (what I call vambraces or bracers, though they aren’t armor) from Simplicity pattern 8953. (You’ll have to scroll down that page to see it, since the pattern was sold.) Some of the highlights will be some antique buttons gleaned from a stash my grandmother gave me. It’s anyone’s guess how old they really are but they look as if they’re from the 50’s or 60’s. I’m really looking forward to the finished costume.

“They say that the best blaze burns brightest, when circumstances are at their worst.” ~ Sophie Hatter from “Howl’s Moving Castle”

(I’m almost positive I never heard the word ‘blaze’ in that quote. Not once, in the many, many times we’ve watched it. Hmmm…I think we might need a review!)


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