Experiences and Observations

Hello again! I know my posts have been very sporadic over the last couple of months. There are many reasons but the fact is that there were some things that needed our attention more than our blog. The kids were involved in a play. They practiced 4 days of each week until the last week of June and then had two dress rehearsals. The play ran last week and finished up with a matinee this past Sunday. We’ve been working on doing what we can to separate John’s photography business from the rest of Kittles Family Artworks and while doing so have come to some other conclusions. We’re busy trying to organize all the things that need to get done in order to make these transitions go smoothly. We’re tired and worn out but we’re putting one foot in front of the other on this life journey and we’re walking the road together.

Because we are creative people, the need to experience new places and take advantage of new opportunities is quite important. We decided to take a much needed trip to refresh and renew our spirits. We opted to visit family in Georgia. There are many things to do and see in our home states so being able to stay with family is a great help on a tight budget. One of the things we’re determined to do more of are outings and trips to different places. We feel these are necessary to keep the mind sharp and fresh and to keep the creativity flowing.

Feeling tired and run down? Feeling like you’re in a rut and going nowhere? Then I highly recommend you get into your vehicle and just go driving. Don’t drive? Do you bike? A bike ride can be just as rewarding! Prefer walking to either of those? A good hike is refreshing and slow enough that you won’t miss the small things that are truly inspiring. We’re really enjoying our down time. It’s really great to be able to just step away from the daily routine and take a few deep breaths.

Just because we are away from home and away from the supply containers doesn’t mean we haven’t been creating new things or expanding our knowledge. Starshine and Magiba have been working on their drawing skills. I’ve been snapping and editing cell phone photos taken at some of the stops along our route. (If you’d like to see those, please keep an eye on my personal blog by clicking here. It is my intent to post a gallery of some of the best edits of our travel photos there in the near future.) John has been taking more storm, still life, and flower photos. (You can check out the photos he’s been posting on our trip at his blog by clicking here.) I can’t believe we’ve already been gone for 4 days! We have been creating things on our journey but I know I’ll be ready to start creating new artworks when our trip is completed!

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” ~Confucius


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