“Bound By Fate” Art Challenge

I recently joined an art group on facebook, Your Daily Art Challenge. I plan on doing only the challenges that strike a chord in my heart and spur my creative spirit. As soon as I read the challenge theme for today, “Bound By Fate”, ideas started flying around in my head. I used the canvas I’d intended for the last artwork in the Mask series so Number 8 will have to wait a little longer. I thought I might be able to incorporate them into the challenge but it didn’t feel right.

The first thing I thought of when I heard the theme was my husband and my belief that God put us together and did so for a reason. The second thing I thought of was the red string of fate I’m always reading about in manga. John created an absolutely beautiful photo earlier in the year and it played a big part in the inspiration for this artwork. Please click here to see his beautiful photographic art.

So here is my newest mixed artwork, created in acrylics, ink, and fabric. I used black and red acrylic paints, watered down quite a bit. I also used some gold ink to add a little metallic flare. I asked John to choose the fabric to create his arm. He chose camouflage fabric, which suits him well as a USAF Veteran. I chose a gold metallic, diamond patterned stretch knit. I traced our arms onto some Heat and Bond iron on interfacing and affixed that to the back of my material to make sure the fabrics didn’t fray. Then I peeled off the paper backing, added a coat of Mod Podge to the back of each fabric arm and placed them onto my canvas where I wanted them. I used a bit of Fabri-tac to make sure the edges were permanently fixed in place. I used a very thin strip of a stretchy red fabric for my red thread and tacked it in place with Fabri-tac. For a nice addition, and something also holding a special meaning for us, I added an infinity symbol in the thread. I also must thank John for helping me add the red spots on the canvas. Here’s the finished project. I hope you like it!

~"Bound By Fate" art challenge ~ mixed media artwork by Melody Kittles

~”Bound By Fate” art challenge ~ mixed media artwork by Melody Kittles and John Kittles

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