“Desolation” is my last artistic creation of 2014. It’s a mixed media straw painting done in black and gold inks and black and white acrylic paints. For more information, please click on the photo. You will be taken to my deviantART page where you can read about the artwork, purchase a digital download, or purchase a art print or gift. There are more size options for this one, as I uploaded a higher resolution. I hope you enjoy seeing the work! Feel free to comment or ask questions.

"Desolation" - mixed media painting by Melody Kittles

“Desolation” – mixed media painting by Melody Kittles

In case you missed seeing last night’s post, we will no longer have internet access from our home. Most of my posts will happen on Saturday’s from now on and I will be able to check my reader through my phone. I may also post from there for reblogs and things like that. I’ll see you soon! And thank you very much for stopping by to read and view my work. I appreciate all the support, encouragement, and connections I’ve made since starting this blog. You are all important to me and I’m happy you are here! Thank you very much!


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