Studies in Black and White With One Color Photo As A Bonus

I have been steadily working on uploading my 2015 photos to deviantArt. Here are the ones I shared there today. To find out more about them, the inspiration behind them, please click on the photos to be directed to their corresponding dA pages in my gallery. If you like what you see, leave a comment here or on the dA site or, perhaps, even purchase a photo print or gift! Thanks for your continued support!

"Unexpected Beauty" by Melody Kittles - This is the only non-monochormatic photo I uploaded today. I had to do quite a lot of editing on this photo to make it pleasant to my eye.

“Unexpected Beauty” by Melody Kittles – This is the only non-monochormatic photo I uploaded today. I had to do quite a lot of editing on this photo to make it pleasant to my eye.

"Sanctuary" by Melody Kittles

“Sanctuary” by Melody Kittles

"Wrapped Up In You" - by Melody Kittles

“Wrapped Up In You” – by Melody Kittles

"Don't Follow The Lights" - by Melody Kittles

“Don’t Follow The Lights” – by Melody Kittles

"Tainted" - by Melody Kittles (In case you cannot find it, some silly person thought this ditch was a trash can!)

“Tainted” – by Melody Kittles (In case you cannot find it, some silly person thought this ditch was a trash can!)

"Soul Rocked" by Melody Kittles

“Soul Rocked” by Melody Kittles

Wave Action

“Wave Action” by Melody Kittles

I hope you enjoyed all these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them and editing them. Please leave comments if you would! I enjoy hearing what my readers have to say. Some of these photos are available for purchase, some are available as downloads and some are not available for either! Please do check the dA site before doing anything with my photos! Thanks again for your continued support!

Move Over Lady~

Beautiful photo! Lovely details!

We geese are climbing stairs and it ain’t easy for us!
What do you entitled human think?
That stairs are made for you?
Not hardly! We geese have places to go and ducks to see.
What? Now you’re feeding ducks?
What about us?
Silly human, don’t you know?
DSC01369 (1)
Treats are for geese~
Cheers to you from the confident geese, handsome ducks, and cluelessly entitled human.

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Sweet and Wild

Lovely paintings and a wonderful story!

Elenacaravela's Blog


A tribute to a sweet little wild bunny.

When she was quite small, she managed not only to survive four curious cats, a trip through the kitty door (which seriously scraped the fur and skin off  her back), a harrowing escape through the living room, then out the front door. Weeks later, she took up residence in our front yard. She was clearly the same little rabbit, because of the reverse mohawk on her back, which (we were relieved to see), healed very nicely. She seemed familiar with us, the frantic humans from the house who expedited her getaway. On several occasions, she allowed us to approach, and was so relaxed in our presence, that she settled down a couple of feet away and bathed like a cat,taking time to thoroughly groom.


We haven’t seen her for a while. We’re hoping that she is safe, and is more wary of  the dangers of cats and cars and humans. Hoping even…

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What I’ve Seen

I have been able to slow down some but that doesn’t mean I can get posts uploaded any easier. This kind of frustrates me but not to the point of pulling my hair out. 🙂 Since the last time I blogged, I have let go of my business license. It doesn’t mean I can’t sell you an item. It just means I can’t do it as a business…more as a hobby and only sporadically.

On to happier things, I have two photos to share with you today. I hope you will enjoy them. I’m trying to get back into my art creations but it’s been tough. Finding the time and energy to pull out all my gear, paint something, then put it all away properly is sometimes impossible at the end of my day. I know I need more rest and maybe that’s because I’m getting older…physically. I don’t know but it’s my best guess. So photography has been my creative outlet lately. It’s cleaner and less cumbersome when it comes to creation. Instead of needing a paint surface, one or more paint brushes, one or more kinds of paint, pens, pencils…whatever I need for the target product that day, I simply need my cellphone and my laptop. Easy-peasy, so to speak! Without further ado, I present for your perusal…

“Looking Up” – I created this photo twice, once in the Pixlr app on my phone so I could upload it to Instagram and once in Gimp so I could create a piece to sell. This is my Gimp creation. To see my Pixlr creation, you can check the sidebar menu and follow me on Instagram. No Instagram account? No problem! I’m also on Flickr and Tumblr, where I share many my Instagram uploads.

"Looking Up" self-portrait by Melody R Kittles

“Looking Up” self-portrait by Melody R Kittles

“Disconnected”- I created this panoramic photo when we had a nice cloud deck hovering over our area. It provided a wonderful chance to see what details I could bring out in a black and white photo. When I uploaded the photo, much to my dismay, the phone lines were misbehaving. I don’t know if I shifted position when I snapped my shot or if it was something else but it ‘ruined’ and otherwise pretty awesome photo. I had to figure out how I could still save this. I made some border overlays in Gimp a month or two ago and when I added one to this photo, it solved my problem. I’m really pleased with the outcome and I hope you enjoy it.

"Disconnected" - panoramic photo created by Melody R. Kittles

“Disconnected” – panoramic photo created by Melody R. Kittles

No downloads, please, as this is detrimental to my family’s total income. If you’d like your own copy of one of these photos, click on them to go to my deviantArt gallery page when you can choose the option that works best for you. If you like the panoramic photo, I highly recommend you consider one of the larger prints, as some of the details may not be as visible on the smaller ones. I appreciate your consideration 🙂 I hope to see you again soon!