Holiday Art

I’ve been so overwhelmed with the direction my life is going right now. However, I have had time to squeeze in some art on the side. These two pieces were created for a holiday card drive which was posted on deviantArt. I used the opportunity as both a school project and an art club project. I’m not sure I posted about that but our daughters wanted to start a club. Since they and several of their friends are interested in art of all kinds, we decided on an art club. We’ve had three meetings so far and the club members are all doing their best to make the club fun and successful.

My challenge was to create a holiday card that sent out my true wishes and also maintained a non-religion-specific message. First I tried creating a fractal. I had so much fun using Chaotica to create this! I watched a YouTube tutorial to learn what the different tools and settings did and then ended up with this.

Bright Days

“Bright Days” was created in Chaotica by Melody Kittles. To purchase a magnet or coffee mug with this fractal on it, please visit my deviantArt gallery at

I’m so happy with how the fractal turned out but it just wasn’t what I really wanted for this card. So I created this mixed media artwork with ink and acrylics.

Christmas Card 2015

“Christmas Card 2015” is a mixed media artwork created by Melody Kittles. If you would like to purchase a print, card, or print gift, please visit my deviantArt page here:

I’m also happy with how this card turned out. I had a lot of fun creating the blue for the night sky and painting in the little gold stars. Very storybook-like! And I really like how the copper edging on the brown border really added a nice depth.

If you’d like to purchase one of these in a format not available on deviantArt, please leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for stopping by!