New Items Available!

Last week, I was able to add two of my favorite pieces of art to my pages on Redbubble and Society6. Please do stop by and check them out. I’m working to add most of my art and photography to the sites but it’s slow work indeed with our wonky internet.

Here are the two pieces of art now available on my pages. You can visit the pages by clicking on the link for each site in the caption under each photo. Thanks for stopping by!

Web of Life

“Web of Life” – mixed media artwork by Melody Kittles – Check it out on Redbubble by clicking here. Check it out on Society6 by clicking here.

The Mechanic

“The Mechanic” – mixed media (drawing in micron pens, colors and textures added in Gimp) by Melody Kittles. Check it out on Redbubble by clicking here. Check it out on Society6 by clicking here.

Far Too Long

It’s been far too long since I sat down to write to you, dear readers. I’ve been dealing with a lot of changes going on in my life. I’m fairly certain I’m pre-menapausal and we’re adjusting to a new budget. The latter has always been hard for me but add to it the former? Yikes!

I’m in a creative slump. I’ve really done more with photography lately, simply because it’s handy. I almost always have my phone with me. I’ve started uploading my work to Redbubble and Society6 again. Looking back through my favorite pieces has really inspired me to restart and see what I can create.

Wish me luck, offer up a prayer or two or MANY. I need it! And I could use some hints, tips, and words of encouragement as well. Goodness only knows what it will take to jumpstart my creative mind. I know I want to get back into jewelry making. And I have a good-sized canvas waiting for me to fill it. My awesome Son and DiL bought an easel for me some time ago and I need to put it through its paces. 🙂

Here are two photos I took at our son’s wedding (and you can check them out on Instagram, too, if you like.) He was married in April. I edited these in my phone (Samsung S5) with the editor that came with it.

The photo of our sons was edited with the photo editor that came with my phone. I simply cropped the photo of our daughters and left it alone after that.

I hope to blog next week. I’ll be attending BayouCon in Sulfur, LA this weekend with my husband, John, of J.D. Kittles Photography. He’ll be doing a panel on his passion, storm photography, along with Andy Thibodeaux who is best known in our area as the Cajun Weatherman. Andy heads up our group, Cajun Weather Spotters, and will be talking about storm spotting.

If you’re in the area, you might like to check it out. Their panel will be at 3 pm on Saturday, June 25. (Yes, that’s this Saturday.) Just click here to find out more about the event.


I didn’t realize this post was left as a draft! Life has indeed been crazy as we finished up our school year and began our summer school session. And some of the circumstances left me in a slump during which I simply focused on the extremely important and urgent things I needed to do. So it’s a been a while since this event which happened in January. I hope you will still enjoy reading about it and the photo I was able to catch during the trip.

Our family visited San Antonio, TX last month. We’d gone there to witness the graduation of the USAF TACP Eagle 100 class. My husband is part of Eagle 23 class. It was nice to see some positive changes in how the TACP tech school is done. There’s a fantastic graduation ceremony for those who pass the course, as well as a question and answer session for spouses and parents to get a general view of what their loved ones will be living once they join the career field.

When the graduation service was over, we walked out of the building and I saw this beautiful sleeping tree. The sky was extremely clear and the branches stood out so perfectly against that crystalline sky. I snapped a couple of shots with my cell and created this photo-manipulation. I added an overlay I created by using the fisheye mode on my cell to snap a blurred macro shot of a makeup sponge covered in soft pastels. The overall effect was pretty surprising and I’m really happy with the result. I hope you enjoy it, too! If you like what you see, please share this post. If you’d like to purchase a print or photo gift with this print on it, these options are only available on deviantArt for now. I’ll be uploading to Society6 and Redbubble as soon as possible.