New Photography Up!

I’ve been through the results of my polls and the winner was “Things Only Children See” with 23 votes. The runner-up was “Mystic Sunset.” Both items are now up for sale at my Society6 and Redbubble pages. Simply click on the links provided below to get to them!

To get to “Things Only Children See” at Redbubble, click here!

To get to “Things Only Children See” at Soceity6, click here!

Things Only Children See

“Things Only Children Can See” – The winner in my current photography poll…for a limited time, it will be offered as a free download for personal use, through deviantArt. Simply visit my deviantArt page by clicking here!

To get to “Mystic Sunset” at Redbubble, click here!

To get to “Mystic Sunset” at Society6, click here!

These prints are available for sale on deviantArt in these forms. Items marked with an * are only available with “Things Only Children See” on them.

  1. art prints
  2. photos
  3. canvas prints
  4. mugs
  5. greeting card*
  6. postcard*
  7. mouse pad*
  8. coaster*
  9. magnet (2 sizes available)*

They’re available on Society6 in these forms:

  1. iphone/ipod case
  2. canvas print
  3. travel mug
  4. hoody
  5. duvet cover
  6. long sleeved tee
  7. all over print tee
  8. throw pillow
  9. tote bag
  10. stationary cards
  11. laptop sleeve
  12. t-shirt
  13. biker tank
  14. framed art print
  15. laptop/ipad skin
  16. ipad case
  17. shower curtain
  18. wall clock
  19. v-neck tee
  20. unisex tank

They’re available on Redbubble in these forms:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S5 case
  2. leggings
  3. graphic tee
  4. pencil skirt
  5. scarf
  6. unisex tee
  7. women’s tee
  8. laptop skin
  9. poster print
  10. photographic art print
  11. art print
  12. framed print
  13. metal print
  14. mug
  15. travel mug
  16. throw pillow
  17. duvet cover (twin/queen/king)
  18. shower curtain
  19. draw string bag
  20. tote bag
  21. laptop sleeve
  22. studio pouch
  23. journal
  24. sticker
  25. greeting card

As you can see, it just depends on which item you want as to which site you’ll need to visit. I was recently made aware of another site which I’ll be checking out called Artflakes. My artist friend Care Halverson, who does beautiful work, is the one who called my attention to it. Please do visit her deviantArt page to check it out by clicking here!

One new thing to note, I’m removing the “like” button from my posts from this point on. It’s a depressing thing I’d like to remove from my feed. If possible, I would prefer interaction with my readers. To me, giving an honest opinion and/or sharing the link means more than clicking a button on the bottom of a post.

And with that, I do believe today’s post is complete! I’m going to try making the other artwork I previously loaded onto the Society6 and Redbubble sites available on other products but my internet is being very uncooperative. I’ve been trying to load the correctly sized pictures to the sites for the past 3 days with no luck. I’ll keep troubleshooting with my husband and do my best to work it all out. Thanks for stopping by today. If you enjoy my work, please share these links with your friends and remember to support your local artists, artisans, thespians, farmers, and small businesses! Your courteous comments are welcome here!

Summer Daydream

"Summer Daydream" is a fanciful artwork, created by Melody Kittles. It is available as a print or photo gift through my deviantArt gallery. You can click on this picture to get there!

“Summer Daydream” is a fanciful artwork, created by Melody Kittles. It is available as an art print or photo gift through my deviantArt gallery. You can click on this picture to get there!

I wanted to fingerpaint again. It had been quite a while since I’d done so. I also wanted to try working with larger canvases. I truly enjoyed creating this piece. I used acrylic paint and my fingers and hands. My signature is the only part I used a brush for. Next time, I’ll use a smaller brush for that but I do like the way the letters look. I’m keeping that in mind for possible use in future creations.

In other news, I’m going to start uploading some of my work to Society6 and Redbubble. Both are nifty outlets for artists of all genres and offer a wide range of items upon which art can be printed. I love variety and versatility. Having my work at several locations may make it easier for people to purchase it. I’m no longer doing this as a business but I won’t quit my hobby. If it turns out to be something worth all the time and effort that goes into making a business work, then I’ll see about that. Otherwise, I’m a hobbyist from this point on. Please do contact me if you are interested in one of my works! You can comment here and I will get back with you as soon as I’m able.

Also, if you like what you see here or in another post of my works, please do share the link or reblog! It would mean a great deal to me. Thanks for stopping by!


An Almost-Dream

Our internet will be off on Friday so I want to try to post up until that day, as long as I have something to share. I hope you will enjoy this.

"An Almost-Dream" - photo by Melody Kittles, edited in Gimp - If you're interested in purchasing a photo, art print, or photo gift, or if you just want to know more about this picture, please click on the photo to go to my deviantART page.

“An Almost-Dream” – photo by Melody Kittles, edited in Gimp – If you’re interested in purchasing a photo, art print, or photo gift, or if you just want to know more about this picture, please click on the photo to go to my deviantART page.

A New Year, A New Practice, And A New Artwork

Happy New Year!

I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m talking about. We are dropping our home internet access. I still have internet through my phone, but it will be limited. I’ll post as I’m able and as the app allows. Sometimes the WordPress app glitches. Even so, I know my posts will not be regular (not that they have been lately, but…) I do want my readers to know I will continue to post as I’m able. At the very least, I can say that when I do post, it will most likely be on Saturdays, unless we are traveling. I want to spend more time with my family and not be so heavily reliant on the internet.

My newest art piece is a straw painting done in ink and acrylics. For more information, or to purchase a print or art gift, please click the photo to go to my deviantART page.

"Spring Half-Dreamed" - artwork by Melody Kittles - Please click the photo for more information, or to purchase a print or art gift.

“Spring Half-Dreamed” – artwork by Melody Kittles – There’s a nymph hidden in there, helping the tree bloom. Can you find her? I was totally surprised to find her there! Please click the photo for more information, or to purchase a print or art gift.

It is my hope and prayer that each of my readers will have a happy and prosperous 2015. See you later!

Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator Speech 1940

I was blown away after listening to this speech. I know it’s for a movie but the sentiment, I believe, is pretty real. It’s a real pity that it seems we’ve moved farther away from this ideal rather than towards it. I hope you’ll enjoy this and also check out the blog, Kenny’s Mod Review, especially if you enjoy farming simulator PC Games.

Kenny's Mod Review

Good morning peeps. As some of you may know I like to listen to  music, anything from dub-step to classical, Thrift shop to the old southern baptist hymns, if I enjoy the sound I listen to it. You may be wondering why I am telling you this, well this is how I found Charlie Chaplin. I was listening to some dub-step videos on YouTube and came across one that had part of a speech in it. At the time I just really liked the song. So, I was looking through YouTube yesterday and found another video with the same speech in it so I went looking through the comments to see if anyone knew where the speech had come from. Bingo, there were a couple of people who said “the greatest speech in the world by Charlie Chaplin”. I put those words into the search box and came up with…

View original post 53 more words

Quoteful Saturday: Childhood Magic

There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.”  ~Elizabeth Lawrence

Did you know that childhood is the only time in our lives when insanity is not only permitted to us, but expected?”  ~Louis de Bernières, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.”  ~Tom Stoppard

To trade a childhood wonder for a plausible explanation – is there a worst trade one makes in life?”  ~Robert Brault,

And I leave the children the long, long days to be merry in a thousand ways, and the Night, and the trail of the Milky Way to wonder at….” ~Williston Fish, “A Last Will,” 1898

All these quotes were found on this page on Quote Garden. May we forever treasure the magic moments of our childhood, carrying with us the warmth and innocence of those times.