Ghost Puppet

This evening, John and I pulled off a photo shoot that was a lot of fun. We’d been tossing the idea around of possible fantasy art style photo shoots for a little while. I had a few yards of this really filmy, rough fabric and thought it would be perfect for that kind of costume. I whipped up a layered drawstring skirt by putting strips of the fabric together. After the skirt was sewn, I ripped the wider pieces upward to give it a worn, old, and tattered feeling. For the top, I made a mock-bandana style using several layers of the fabric, cutting the bottom edges roughly to continue the tattered theme. I had fun putting together a make-up and hair-style for the costume, even though I knew it wouldn’t be seen in the photo. I like to try to achieve new looks with the things I have on hand. We never know what we’ll need for the next theater production we’re involved in.