I’m very excited to tell you I’ve uploaded 4 of my artworks to Redbubble. If you are unfamiliar with the site, it’s a place where artists of all kinds can sell their work on things like clothing, electronic accessories, home goods and more, as well as prints and framed prints. I’ve added a link to my Redbubble profile page in the menu at the top of my blog. The menu is the little icon with three lines to the left of the heart. Even if you aren’t in the market to buy right now, Redbubble is still a great place to visit to simply immerse yourself in the beauty and variety of artwork posted there. It’s amazing! I absolutely love their stickers. I’m a collector of stickers but I’m picky. Redbubble has a wide variety of stickers and there’s definitely something for everyone there! I’m going to share a photo of my laptop which shows 11 stickers I got from Redbubble. The other stickers were collected on family trips and shopping trips to different stores. The photo isn’t for sale or download but I did want you to see an example of the artwork available at the site. While my particular favorites are pretty rare and in a definite genre, I think they still show a decent scope of the variety you’ll find at Redbubble. Please do visit the site and please keep supporting your local artists and small businesses! We really appreciate your business!

This is my laptop. 11 of these stickers are from Redbubble and the rest are from different places I've visited or gathered from shopping excursions. I love collecting stickers!

This is my laptop. 11 of these stickers are from Redbubble and the rest are from different places I’ve visited or gathered from shopping excursions. I love collecting stickers!

Staying Positive

Keeping a positive attitude is necessary for me to keep going each day. Sometimes that means I have to ignore some of the negative influences around me. It also means that I might, on occasion, have to give myself a mental smack on the back of my head. It’s hard for me to stay positive, too, because I can be quite contrary and I’m a die-hard realist (not pessimist). (That’s a terrible thing. If you aren’t one of the contrary folks or you’re happy being contrary, then you won’t understand why this is such a terrible thing.) And I usually grimace when John talks about positivity blogs/books and self-improvement blogs/books, so for me to stay positive is quite the interesting uphill battle. Therefore, in order to defeat the Negative Forces in my life and stay at a positivity level I can handle (chuckle), I try to do several things regularly.

First, I try to take some time each day to do the things /I/ like to do, which usually means ‘reading quietly by myself’. Next, I count a few of my blessings. This not only reminds me that I /am/ blessed, it also reminds me that things could definitely be worse. Then, I try to get in at least one good laugh a day but more is always better where laughter is concerned. (Good laughs are only good when they are the result of something genuinely funny, not in making fun of others or for other equally empty reasons.) I usually listen to music of some kind during the day and I usually try to find music that fits my mood. Even if my mood is negative and the music I choose reflects that, I usually find the negativity lighten up when listening to the music. The last thing I can think of right now that really helps contribute to keeping my attitude positive is being thankful.

Here are some things we are thankful for today: John-getting paid a day early; Nojo-the tractor (When asked to clarify this, he said he’s thankful that it exists and is in his possession at this time. LOL); Starshine-stopping in at the local coffee shop; Magiba-the love and welcome home cards that I made for Grannie and Granddaddy (respectively); Melody-I had a pleasant and productive day at work. 

What are you thankful for today? Give your day a mental rerun and check out the good things that happened. Had any laughs yet? If not, then visit youtube to check out one of your favorite comedians. Still no improvement? Listen to your favorite tune! I’m going to keep going in this positive vibe and try to continue being productive. I’ll see you all tomorrow on another Fabulous Friday!

Here’s one of our favorite songs. Yes! We all agree concerning this song.