Inspiration From Everywhere!

I’m inspired by so many things I have seen, heard, and experienced in my life. The mask series is an interesting sort of journey. Over the summer, I’ve found myself held hostage by fear, doubt, and low self-esteem. I’ve been in heights of joy, confidence, and success. I’ve seriously run the gamut of emotions this summer. I’m coming to the end of my mask supply. I’m not sure whether I’m interested in making more after the next one is done. I am going to take my time with this one. I want to try some new techniques and see what I can come up with. I have an idea in mind for the last two brocade masks and I want it to be just right. I also want it to be something true, something real, and hopefully, something epic. I’ll share some pages and videos of the things that are inspiring me at this point in my life.

This song has resonated with me for a long time. Several years now.

This movie is one of my favorites from Studio Ghibli/Disney. I’m not a huge fan of Disney films but these are different. They have a different resonance, a different sort of overall feeling. If I had to describe it in one word, I’d use the word “peace”. The movie is “Spirited Away.” The song is by Avril Lavigne and interestingly enough, I really like the song. I’ve not given over much time to listening to her music because it’s not really in my favorite genre but this song is really good!

Have you ever heard of mop painting? I knew about it but hadn’t really seen it done live. Check this out!

This last video is from a wonderful artist who I was introduced to by my husband. Carrie Hilgert blogs here and she has a YouTube channel. She has really inspired me to look within myself and not give in to the fears that constantly try to hold me back. She’s not the only person who’s inspired me, though.

My husband, John, has been a huge help in my life journey to overcome and be set free from the cage I kept myself in. His determination to keep taking photos every day, his zeal and gift for capturing nature’s beauty in his camera, and his constant, gentle nudging and encouragement helps so much in keeping me moving forward, sometimes in spite of myself.

I know this post is a bit out of the ordinary but I did say I’d be posting about what inspires me in one of my previous posts. I really enjoy learning and I’ll post my findings of the new techniques as I am able. My schedule that was already pretty packed is about to be packed completely since the play we’re working in is going to be opening in 12 days and we start school Monday. Please stay tuned, though. I’ll post something here every day, even if it’s only a snapshot of something I’ve seen that day. Thanks for stopping by today! Please feel free to leave a comment or ask questions.

I took this photo at Chicot State Park.

I took this photo at Chicot State Park. I couldn’t get close to the lilypads and my zoom feature is not the best but I remember the feeling I had looking at these.