Web Of Life

This is the first drawing I worked on while on Thanksgiving break. I really had a lot of fun creating this one! It’s another mixed media piece, the drawing done on sketchbook paper with micron pens, an HB pencil, a ruler and a compass, then photographed and edited in Gimp. I added the color that way since we’re away from home for a little bit and I don’t have any paints with me. I will be creating a different color effect in acrylics on this piece and “The Mechanic” when I return home, though it may be some time before they are done. When complete, I’ll share the final result with my readers here. To order a print (no downloads please!!), click here to go to my gallery or click the photo to go to the artwork page. All artwork prints are on sale (25% off) for Black Friday only! Support your local artists, artisans and small business owners this year while you shop for Christmas gifts!

"Web of Life" - mixed media artwork by Melody Kittles

“Web of Life” – mixed media artwork by Melody Kittles

Omnia Et Nihil

I did manage to get a better photo of my artwork from yesterday’s “Lost In Space” challenge. Yea! While the photo doesn’t show the entire artwork, it does show it as if it was all a “square” painting. I had to crop the photo to the sides of the foam board, but the tulle for the black hole spills over the edges. I am offering the photo as a free download (for personal use only) or if you prefer, you can purchase a print. I took the first photo in our kitchen with terrible lighting. I did upload it to my gallery on deviantART because I was so excited about the result and I did need to upload it to the art challenge group. The best photo was taken today, outside, in bright sunlight. I changed my phone settings and tried several different ones before settling on this photo for my final one. This is also my first successful HDR shot.

I settled on the title “Omnia Et Nihil” which is Latin for “Everything and Nothing”. I hope you enjoy the photos!

"Omnia Et Nihil" - Click the photo to go to my deviantART page.

“Omnia Et Nihil” – Click the photo to go to my deviantART page.