Beaded Curtain Project

I love shiny things! Glitter…tinsel…shiny glass ornaments…crystal and glass beads…stained glass windows…mirrors…diamond-paned windows…Moroccan lanterns…OK…any kind of glass lanterns…I love them all!  Light, bright, airy and happy! I have a general plan for what I’d like to do with our craft room and bringing in more light and sparkle is a must. It’s a dark room on the east side of our house. It only gets light in the early morning hours and while there are 4 windows, one set looks out onto our carport. Right now, it’s dark and the wooden walls and single overhead light are doing nothing to help. I plan to create some Roman shades in light-colored fabric for the windows and hang a beaded curtain over each one. This way, when the shades are up, there will be lots of color and shine…I hope. I’ve also got a small collection of candle lanterns I want to hang up and a lamp set I want to purchase. So far, this is what I’ve got. Thanks to my daughters and my future DiL, I’ve got a total of 21 strands ready to hang.


— My bunch of bead strands —

P.S. I’m on Snapchat as artcreationist so if you’d like to connect with me there, look me up! 🙂 I’m also on Periscope ( @ArtCreationist5) but I haven’t decided what my first video should be about, or how I can accomplish it well. I hope to have something up soon.

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