The Mechanic

I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made so far on my Thanksgiving break. I’ll be uploading more of what I’ve done as I add them to my deviantART gallery. Click here to go to my gallery or click on the photo to order prints. No downloads, please! My work is licensed under an “All Rights Reserved” Creative Commons License. All prints at deviantART are 25% off for Black Friday so please support your local artists and/or small businesses while you shop for Christmas gifts!

"The Mechanic" - mixed media (drawing in micron pens, colors and textures added in Gimp) by Melody Kittles.

“The Mechanic” – mixed media (drawing in micron pens, colors and textures added in Gimp) by Melody Kittles.

Coils And Springs and Machinery Things

While I was taking a break this weekend, what we were doing as a family was visiting parents/grandparents. We stayed in McDonough, GA for a couple of days and while we were there, we visited the Veterans Memorial Park. It’s a great place and you should check it out if you’re in the area. The veterans working in the museum always have interesting stories to share and the ones we’ve met have been friendly and helpful. Today’s gallery doesn’t come from inside the museum but rather outside of it. There’s a fabulous collection of contraptions that were probably used in the early 1900s (how long they were used is anyone’s guess…) and they present a wonderful series of photo opportunities. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed editing them. If you want more info on any of these pictures, or if you’d like to download them or buy a print, please check out my deviantART gallery by clicking here. Please adhere to the copyright rules as stated on the button in the right margin. If you use my stuff and publicize it but are not making money from it, be sure to give me credit. If you want to use my photos on a blog you make money with, then you need to message me first for pricing. This is a hobby for me  but the income is sorely needed right now. Please don’t trample my need under your feet.

Mask Series #7: Inside The Inner Workings

“Inside The Inner Workings” #7 of my mixed media Mask Series is finally complete! I used acrylic paints, flat-backed glass floral marbles, nail enamel paint, antique brass beads, copper wire, silver-tone metal findings, antique brass gears, zinc plated star washers, antique brass toggle clasps, silver-tone beads, antique silver eyelets, black/gold mesh fabric, copper stretch fabric, black with gold hologram dot fabric, black sequin fabric, white iridescent square printed fabric and put the elements together on an 11 x 14 canvas. The mask base is purple lace with hologram dot sequins scattered throughout. It’s embroidered in gold. I wanted to go for a Steampunk feel with this one. I feel like I got close but I’m not entirely certain. However, I’m really pleased with the result. I hope you’ll enjoy the photo! I have to thank John for herding cats so I could sign the artwork and then snap the shot. This piece is for sale. If you are interested, please contact me.

Mixed Media Mask Series #7, "Inside The Inner Workings," is complete!

Mixed Media Mask Series #7, “Inside The Inner Workings,” is complete!

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Gears In Place!

I finally got the gears for the  mask in place. I think I’m going to stop with this for the mask decoration. I still have thing to do to finish the canvas before adding the mask to it but progress is progress, no matter how small, as Dr. Seuss says. I’m keeping it short tonight. I hope you enjoy this photo I took while we were out at the Eunice Farmer’s Market. After this post, I won’t post any more photos of #7 until it’s complete. But I will continue to blog if I see or do something I wish to share.

I finished sewing the gears onto the mask today! I'm so excited that it's all coming together and I can see the progress. I also like this edit that makes the robot eye look like it's glowing red.

I finished sewing the gears onto the mask today! I’m so excited that it’s all coming together and I can see the progress. I also like this edit that makes the robot eye look like it’s glowing red.

On a completely different note, can you see owls in the frame? I was looking at it from a reverse perspective and I can see owls! But the frame is called ‘droid’ and I thought that would be appropriate for this mask with a robotic eye. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the photo. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions!

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